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Friday, November 18, 2011

Switzerland widens scope of Iran sanctions - Israel News, Ynetnews

Switzerland widens scope of Iran sanctions - Israel News, Ynetnews: "Switzerland has added 116 names to its list of Iranian entities under sanctions, in response to heightened international concern about Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

The 35-nation board of the UN nuclear watchdog looked set on Friday to censure Iran over mounting suspicions it is seeking to develop atom bombs. (Reuters)"

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  1. ,,," censure Iran over mounting suspicions it is seeking to develop atom bombs."...

    Well I know that in my advertising work I have always tried to take the higher road by under-promising, and over-delivering.

    However I believe that clearly its time to revise the language of this discussion by simply stating the very same facts that Iran has stated publicly on Iranian nation TV. They are moving their Nuclear Enrichment Facilities, in case there are strategic air strikes to destroy their nuclear capabilities.

    Our US government has attempted to distance ourselves from this entire matter, now instead of allowing for a theoretical "Shock and Awe" type air strike, we have opened the door to yet another extended and messy potentially long conflict.

    Were our elected officials paying attention when the learned History in school?

  2. John Fischer - Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Any country that builds long range missiles is only doing so as a delivery system for atomic bombs. Long range missiles carrying conventional explosives or even chemical weapons are not worth the expense.
    The world just has to come to terms with a nuclear Iran. A nuclear Iran is not going to rain down destruction on Israel or the US. A nuclear Iran is smart enough to know that first strike actions are going to bring about its immediate destruction. Iran wants nuclear weapons as a deterrent to attack and to reduce its huge expenditures on conventional weapons. Iranians want to go sleep soundly at night, knowing that bombs are not going to fall on their heads.
    If Israel and the US strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, they will only set back Iran’s nuclear development for a few more years. They will also cause Iran to hide it nuclear facilities so far underground that no bomb could destroy them. Of course Iran will strike back, oil prices will sky rocket and the global economy will collapse.
    The tough guy stance on Iran is not working. The only choice the world has, is to openly engage Iran and lead it into the global community. This would lead to an Iran that would open up to become a secure, confident and equal partner in the world community.
    What would we rather have an angry, isolated and vengeful nuclear armed Iran, or a nuclear Iran feeling secure and peaceful?

  3. For some reason, John Fisher (aboveO commented directly on Google +1, rather than here, so I cut and paste his well presented case for the world to do nothing about Iran developing nuclear weapons, and next will be my response.

  4. Stephen Sanders - I hear what your saying and you do make some valid points.

    It seems to me that Iran already has a great deal of power due to oil and the unfortunate dependency that the US along with other nations has not managed to overcome. As long the US and other nations remain so tragically dependent on oil, then Iran along with the other oil producing nations already have us in an economic stranglehold. The only thing that saves the world from becoming mere vassal states to the exceedingly wealthy and oil producing nations like Iran, that are not suffering the effects of the current global economic collapse, has to do with a very delicate balance which has been reinforced by our military superiority.

    The US has clearly already lost its economic edge, and instability on the homefront is going could possibly tie our hands on the global front. I do believe that it is not safe to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons either now nor anytime in the future. The pre-emptive strikes must be made because diplomacy has not produced any positive results. It make sense that the nation of Israel will be taking the lead in this for the simple fact that they are the closest democratic nation wit that possesses the necessary technology to neutralize the Iranian threat.

    In answer to your comment regarding the potential of Iran being able to deploy nuclear weapons and their ability to "rain down destruction" on Israel and other nearby nations, it is not even a necessary part of the argument. Simply having weapons of this nature will put Iran into a position of much greater strength. My belief is, that it is essential that the remaining free and democratic nations of the world do whatever is in their power now, to prevent Iran from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.