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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Essence of this Website is it's One Message.

Creating a world that is safer for us all, requires careful thinking planning and building upon a stable foundation. As peace loving citizens of the world we must unite i a simple, logical and un-mistakable remedy which must be utilized so that the world of the future is a safer place for children and other living things. G-d has gifted us all with beautiful and sophisticated minds. All we must do, is change the way we use them. 

Citizens of the world must unite. We will not tolerate a Nuclear Capable Iran. The enlightened person intuitively and factually understands the future implications of a nation like Iran possessing nuclear weaponry is a too much of a major shift in a very delicate power shift. We who can express our views, vote our conscience and especially those who currently serve as our duly elected or paid officials are sworn to protect the US against our enemies, be they foreign or domestic, who is this case are also the enemy of any peace loving citizen of the world.

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Just as these tiny colorful building blocks spell out a simple message, so do the current actions that are taking place in the one world where we all live.

During these fast paced and rapidly developing times, we need to build a solid foundation where the world where our children and grandchildren live will be a safer, kinder, healthier, more economically sound, and safer world.

These goals are reasonable and achievable and obtainable however there are some wild cards which are currently in play which break our world so badly where it would simply be irreparable. All the other lofty political and economic goals being so hotly debated pales by comparison. The only world truly worth living in, is a world that is safer than the world we live in today.

Please comment the opinions of our diverse network is important to this web developer. Thank you.

Stephen C. Sanders
Keep Your Friends Close

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