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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Revising History: Iraq, Saddam Hussein and WMDs

Revising History: Iraq, Saddam Hussein and WMDs: "As I recall, it was the United States that insisted that Iraq posed a real threat to our security and safety.   At the time, it was “unpatriotic” to dissent or give unpopular views about misguided foreign policy.

At the time all of this drama was unfolding, WMDs referred to nuclear weapons, the mushroom cloud reference that President Bush and Condoleezza Rice used to sell the Iraq War?


  The question of why did the US President, back then, work so hard
                           to justify the attack and the US war on Iraq stating that the US uncovered
                      proof positive that Saddam Hussein had developed Weapons of Mass Destruction. 
                 Is every bit as good as another question, how come the USh President now does not even
             show concern or even threaten war when there is an abundance of clear evidence that Iran is 
           just a few steps away from creating a significant amount of weapons grade Uranium-235. All the 
        news reports read that the current 20% enrichment and that the required leap to 90% enrichment is
      a relatively small one. Even though scientists might think they have this down to a science and are       
   observing this thing so closely. I for one am not comfortable with these kinds of statistics.


The truth is that we never feared Saddam Hussein or the WMDs we claimed he had.  From his biological weapons (that we sold him)  to his tyrannical violent years as President of Iraq – (we gave him power) the United States was responsible for all of it.

I love the U.S., my country, more than anything… but I despise the lies and deception"

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