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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Age Have We Reached? |

What Age Have We Reached? | "It is hard to tell where we are right now in the greater scheme of things. My personal belief is that nations are beginning to fall. Relations between the United States, and nations like China and Russia are key to stopping the raging fires of the east.

Perhaps no one would have predicted where it would lead, yet the fall of Great Towers in our generation, has lead to an economic decline, as well as changing the alignment of the people. This is not a time to allow random elements to run their course.

We have all been distracted, yet now we must open our eyes. To do nothing is on par with fueling and fanning the flames which contain the seeds of the earths annihilation. There is nothing "good" about the world grinding to a standstill.

Yet all the signs are there, that we currently hover on the brink of annihilation"

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