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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

US Denies Losing Drone in Iran | American Pendulum

US Denies Losing Drone in Iran | American Pendulum: "The U.S. has denied an Iranian report that the country’s Revolutionary Guard shot down a U.S. drone (unmanned spy plane).
Intelligence and military officials told VOA on Wednesday that the U.S. rejects the claim and has not lost a drone.
An Iranian lawmaker said the country’s elite military group downed the U.S. spy plane as it was attempting to collect information about an underground uranium enrichment site."

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  1. Amazing how when the US is caught being on the losing end of something, they simply deny it. In this case the US was caught doing a noble deed in August 2011, protecting the entire world (including the US and Israel of course) from the very tangible possibility of a Nuclear Iran.

    However the US was on the losing end, so a simple denial is the answer. While terrorist groups are far to happy to claim personal responsibility for their horrific acts of murder and violence for which they are rewarded by becoming targets for justice with a bounty on their heads and being wanted- Dead or Alive!

    Well it looks the savage murderers, brutal dictators and evil blood thirsty terrorists are finally meeting the final justice they deserve.